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It is often said that "music makes the party." When it comes to making your event truly special, having great live music is the key. The right band can create an incredible night that your guests will always remember, whereas the wrong band can lead to a night you will quickly want to forget! The Dave Murphy Band is your best choice because of an unmatched combination of experience, repertoire, professionalism and musicianship. We strive for excellence on a musical and business level in an industry where both are often mutually exclusive. What it means for you is not only a band that performs an incredible range of great music, but a band that has the commitment and knowledge to make your event the best it can possibly be.


The band has performed for more than a decade, and special events are now the mainstay of our work. The experience of over 3000 performances means that we know exactly what it takes to put on a great show. We have seen it all, and take a great deal of advance preparation to make sure every aspect of your event runs smoothly. Our experience allows us to deal with any unexpected problems so your event runs without a hitch. We have performed all over southern Ontario, and chances are good we have performed your venue on numerous occasions. Above all, our experience at countless special events has taught us that the key ingredient to an amazing party is a great variety of everyone's favourite songs.


At all times our goal at your event is to get as many people dancing as possible. The real art in making this happen is not only having all the right songs, but knowing exactly when to play them. Never having a predetermined setlist means that we are able to choose the best song at a moment's notice based on whatever music your guests are enjoying the most. The band's enormous repertoire spans all of popular music, from the turn of the century to the current century. Our ability to perform jazz with grace and elegance is matched by our ability to rock without compromise, and play everything in between. The result is that guests of every age and background will get to hear the songs they love.


From the moment you first inquire about the band to the moment that a wonderful show has concluded, we are constantly committed to making sure that every facet of your event is professionally taken care of. A successful event involves a great deal of preparation, and we make sure that all your questions are quickly answered and all arrangements are planned in advance. Every detail is discussed and confirmed, giving you peace of mind that your event will be a great success. We arrive early on the day of your event to fully check our sound system before your guests arrive. We use first rate sound and lighting equipment, and our constant aim is to give you quality sound that is never too loud, but just right for dancing and conversation. Whenever the band is offstage we use our stereo equipment to provide you with music throughout your event, including beautiful background music during cocktails and dinner, as well as dance music during band breaks so that the party continues. When the band hits the stage, we exude energy, fun and personality in addition to all the great music. As your host I'm happy to make announcements for you, and I routinely help out with such optional events as draws, prizes and giveaways in a way that is quick, simple and entertaining.


Even if you have a professional, experienced band playing all the biggest hits, it all means nothing if the songs sound lousy. Great music is the most important aspect of all, and this is where the band truly excels. Our talented musicians perform together constantly, which means that we know our music inside out. And unlike other bands where you often hear far more music than you actually see being performed, we never use computers or backing tracks to artificially enhance our performance. What you always get is great live music, and having first rate musicians means that your favorite songs will always sound just the way you remember them. What enables the band to do such a great job is that we truly love all the different styles of music we play. We are dedicated to our craft, and we are incredibly fortunate to enjoy the most wonderful job imaginable. We love to make music, and it shows; let us show how we can make our music work for you!

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If you would prefer to discuss your event in detail over the phone, call Dave any time at 905 845-7444.

Our large frequently asked questions section has answers to virtually every question clients typically inquire about before hiring the band.

Have a look at our photo gallery to see pictures of the band at a number of venues, and browse our venue list to discover the many places the band has previously performed special events.

You will find examples of hundreds of songs we perform in our songlists, which also contain audio samples of the band performing live.

The letters of thanks we regularly receive from our clients are our very best advertising - read them for yourself in the reviews section.

You can find out where you can hear the band perform by checking our schedule. Because we play different styles at different clubs, it's best to check with Dave to find out which club is the best match for your musical needs.

The internet is a wonderful tool to plan your event. Have a look at some great sites on our links page.

Finally, read about the services Dave can provide you as a solo pianist, either with or without vocals.

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