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How far do you travel to play at a nightclub?

With the exception of the summer when we occasionally will perform north of Toronto in cottage country, generally speaking the band only performs in the western end of the GTA all the way to Hamilton. With rare exception, pretty much every club we play is west of the DVP and south of the 407.

Does our club need to supply a P.A. or soundperson?

No. Although we work at many clubs that supply both a P.A. and a soundperson, and many others that supply a house P.A. that the band operates from the stage, we also can supply our own P.A. system and lighting.

What kind of music do you play?

We play a huge variety of music. We can play a whole night of any given style or a mix of styles to suit your club. Check out our songlists to learn more about the band's varied repertoire.

How much does it cost?

The exact cost depends on a variety of factors such as date, location and other variables. The band is a full time, professional musical act, and so generally speaking the band is more expensive than other part time, semi-professional groups. That said, we are competitively priced with other quality acts in our field. For full details contact Dave anytime by calling 905 845-7444 or emailing dave@davemurphyband.

Our comprehensive FAQ section in our private events portion of our website contains a multitude of other questions and answers, so please browse this section for further reference.
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